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All the profiles and information for my characters can be found in my gallery. Just browse through the folders on the left. Folders featuring artwork, journal banners and other RP related materials can be found below those.

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About the Wings: The Wings for Hire are a small group of mercenaries with the ability to fly. Despite being founded by Talon and her family, the group has no leader it's members are allowed to conduct their business as they see fit as long as they adhere to a code of trust. The Wings, or at least the original members, are famous for their "wet work" and their varied skills in battle. But they are easily capable in tasks other then killing on contract as well. Talon's personal team at least isn't opposed to doing service work. Basically, if you need a flyer to do a job for you, any job, the Wings for Hire are the people to go to. Their main base is currently located in an abandoned cityformer named Hilltop.

There was a recent split that changed how the subfaction works. The main family members have left the Wings to pursuit their own goals and life choices. Warsong is now an Autobot under Chaos's. command. Talon has converted the base into a safe home, Poseidon has joined the Decepticon ranks and Solaris currently runs a bar formally owned by his friened Varjo. Joining Talon is the former Decepticon Dreadwing.

So how might they help you, world wary one...?


Talon: An old mercenary and mother of five by energon and certainly a few others by adoption. She's very serious, but kind in spark and prefers not to see the borders between the factions. Possesses sniping skills that can take a mech's head off from over a mile away. She's also a very experienced warrior and an Empurata survivor, leaving her with horrible facial and hand scarring. She's bonded to an Autobot named Hawk and has mothered four children from him.

Poseidon: A warrior by teaching and by spark, he's Talon's oldest son and a dedicated loyalist. Deciding later in life to be a Decepticon, he now serves as a guard to Queen Onix and her squad of seekers. Fights mainly with gladiatorial weapons, a net and trident being his "signature" combo. Born with a rare spark condition that allows him to increase his body's frequency enough to liquify solids at a touch. Rides a hybrid war horse named Oceanus.

Warsong: The "middle" child of Talon's four children. She used to be a lot sassier, but recent events have cooled her off slightly and left her to brood. She still talks very informally however. Her guitar is a sonic device strong enough to punch holes in medium grade steel, but can be toned down to play normally. The guitar is also lined with a axe blade on the side so it can be used as a swinging weapons. Tends to hate Decepticons.

Solaris: Easily the most laid back and cheerful of the four. Has somehow managed to retain most of his innocence despite the work him and family does and rarely shies away from contact. His emotions effect him greatly and he's noted to be almost as passionate as Warsong. Somewhat childish in behavior. Fights using arm and leg mounted blades coupled with a sunstaff and his signature light manipulation abilities.

Nightblind: The second of Talon and Hawk's children. Born both blind and deaf due to complications during her carrying. Despite this she's still smart as a whip and doesn't lack anything personality wise. She loves meeting new "hands and faces" and is very sensative to tactile stimulis. She communicates through rough sign language and can walk somewhat, but without optics or audios to guide her Talon rather she be carried around until she's grown more.

Xantus: The newest (and unexpected) addition to the family by energon. Talon had no idea she was carrying him until she started to give spark to him. Thankfully he was born healthy, if very large, likely a trait he inherited from his father Hawk. He's still getting a grip on his personality, but so far he's proven to be a very tactile mech and enjoys hitting and gripping things. He's also rather protective of Nightblind.


Oceanus: A heavy weight hybrid draft horse and Poseidon's noble steed. He's a very prideful and protective stallion and takes to battle just as well as an actual warrior. His six legs are easily powerful enough to completely kick in someone's chest. A hybrid of oceananic and a land breed of horse, who one belonged to an ancient Autobot who came to Earth to hide away energon eons ago. Was found by Solaris and gifted to Poseidon.

Borealis: Talon's father and the poor mech who was forced to raise her and her deceased twin before the war broke out. He's nervous, very untrusting and not exactly stable. He misses his old job and Cybertron even more, having been stuck on a far off planet with his ex wife Bismuth. A forced tryst with her conceived his daughters and after their birth he took it upon himself to look after them as an apology.

Bismuth: Talon and Steelwing's reluctant mother and a former mineralologist. A big femme with a small attitude and not that much personality. Depression keeps her addicted to a chemical found on the planet her and Borealis currently resides. Takes most charge of the two and holds the cards when it comes to making decisions. Considering the option of heading to Earth eventually. Still like collecting rocks and gems.

Dreadwing (canon character controlled by me) After surviving his planned suicide thanks to a slight misstep, he escaped the Nemesis and sought reform. Disillusioned with the Megatron's leadership, he still keeps the Decepticon brand, but refuses to serve his former lord and master. Instead, he's found his way to the Hilltop base after being found by Talon. Accepting her offer to shelter with her and the other Wings, he is currently trying to figure out where to go from there.

Magic!Anon Status: Currently none outside of individual threads.
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My main account below:
Still not coming back to this account officially, but for some reason I still do get activity on here so I shall take advantage of that and keep whatever watchers I do have notified. I am officially back on my Storm-Blue account with newly reopened music commissions. All of the links to my outside websites and accounts are found there, but I can post various links here if need be. I won't be blanking out my gallery here, but I do sometimes worry about art theft since it seems to be awfully common in the RP community here.

I STILL DO RP YOU JUST NEED TO FIND ME ON TUMBLR my url is kingsofthesea and it is Oceanus and Poseidon exclusive with Talon as a sometimes quest character/cameo.

I might consider a light RP account on Facebook at some point since the layout actually looks to be nice for roleplaying. It is a consideration though!

My Skype is also available on request, just be mindful that I am employed now so I might always be on!

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